Together we learn the Words, reach the lost and love through actions


Vietnamese Assembly of God of Boston was planted by pastor Samuel Dong Truong in 1999. Pastor Khoi Nguyen led the church from 2001 to 2006. Pastor Louis Zinnanti led from 2006 to 2009.  Pastor Thanh Nguyen led from 2009 to 2011. Pastor Daniel Lam has been leading since 2011 to current.

We used to have services at 48 Pleasant St, Dorchester. In 2016, we moved to VietAid Community Center at the heart of Field's Corner in order to reach the Vietnamese better.


Meet the Pastor

Daniel Lam

Sr. Pastor


Daniel Lam joined Vietnamese AG Boston since he was in college. He was the first one to get baptized in this church. He served the church with various positions: youth leader, treasurer, interpreter and pastor.

Daniel graduated with a bachelor degree in Biology. While working at a research lab in Cambridge, he started to take ministry classes at the Southern New England District of the Assembly of God. In September 2011, SNED appointed him as the pastor for Viet AG Boston, but not until January 2015, he was officially installed as the senior pastor.

Daniel deeply respects and believe in the Word of God as Sola Scriptura and the leading of the Holy Spirit. He continues learning God's Words at Gordon Conwell Seminary.